Wedding Video Gallery

I have been filming weddings in North Carolina for the past seven years. I have the pleasure of witnessing one of the most significant display of love. I have been married for over twenty years. Each wedding I film refreshes the love I have for my wife. I sincerely enjoy filming weddings because I love to document one of the happiest days of peoples lives.

Church Media

I filmed this for Church Alive in Fuquay Varina. I will also be filming the event. This was a very unique project to work on. Filming weddings requires a very formal format and style. This project allowed me to be creative and experiment with various techniques.

Kayla & Patrick

Kayla and Patrick were married at the Durham Science Museum. In all of my years of filming weddings, I have never had one get rained out. Never the less, the wedding was beautiful. I love the butterfly garden. I was able to shoot some gorgeous footage of Kayla and Pat.

Highlight Reel

Wedding Film

Jennifer & Jason

Amy & Mike

Amy and Mike were married at Duke University. I love filming on the Duke campus. The chapel and gardens are two of the most sought out venues in the Triad. The first time I filmed a wedding at Duke Chapel, I saw a couple that had literally camped outside the chapel in a tent waiting for their chance to book the chapel for their wedding. Duke Gardens has multiple locations for weddings to occur. I filmed one in the terrace gardens in the heat of mid June. In addition to weddings, I have filmed several love stories throughout the gardens.
Teaser Video

Amy + Mike Teaser
Wedding Film

Vickie & Jason

Kristy & Jake

Katie & David

Katie and David were married at the First Presbyterian Church in Burlington, North Carolina. Their photographers were Richie & Jamie Staggs of Jagg Photography. This is the second wedding I have filmed along side of them. They work so well together. I would encourage you to visit their website to see Katie & David’s wedding photographs. In fact, this wedding monologue if made of the footage I shoot during Katie & David’s formal photo shoot. I find I can capture some amazing footage during the formal photo shoot.

My traditional approach to filming a wedding involves three to four camera angles. I dedicate one of those camera angles to film from behind the altar toward the back of the chapel. This enables me to film the wedding party, bride, and groom as they walk down the aisle towards the altar. I love capturing the bride as she gracefully enters the closed doors and floats down the aisle. Having a camera at the altar area also allows me to capture the facial expressions of the bride and groom as they exchange vows. Most couples face the minister with their backs to the congregation, of family and friends.

I have learned to be very flexible and adaptable. The church Katie and David were married in has very specific restrictions on where videogrpahers and photographers can shoot from during the wedding. We were only permitted to film from the balcony. I was able to capture the footage of the ceremony using three cameras.

Amber & Josh